Monday, 18 May 2009

Confession 1

This is pics from The Dairy House, which should have appeared at the bottom :)
I confess to buying more buttons.. for my work of course :)

We had a great day out and i have to admit I got my button fix!
I was in a bit of a restrained mood though, and left a lovely glass fronted  cupboard that could have been great for storing button jars in The Glory Hole. From there I took home some old curtains to repurpose and a knitting bag to put in the shop . No buttons :(

We then went for lunch at The Farmyard Picnic which was fab, a little bit cold and wintery so fairly quiet. We followed lunch with cake :) A brilliant place to escape from the real world.  I will be putting some of my handmade bits for sale there, they have been waiting a while, I promised I would deliver a box on Wednesday (any excuse for more cake !), So no pressure ;)

Then we drove back up the A350 to The Dairy House to visit Sue from Vintage to Victorian.
Soooo many buttons and gorgeous vintage fabric some from the 18th Century.
Arthur was getting a bit tired by the time we got there and was to whiney for me to concentrate properly, which was probably a good thing really.

There are lots of drawers to open and sift through, full of buttons there was also tubs of buttons that Sue was sorting which were unpackaged, so you get that lovely childhood feeling of going through grannys button box.

I came home with the ones above, which i am going to turn into bracelets and put a few in my shop. I like to share a proportion of what I buy (for a price obviously ;), because I can not use them all at once.
Now some pictures have gone completely missing??!! and will now end up on top as I add them in. One day I may get the hang of this.


  1. Hi Tamsyn

    I've been doing more button sorting today ready for the Vintage & Handmade Fair at Chipping Sodbury on 30 May. Ages away but time always runs out when you're playing with buttons, doesn't it!!

    Re the photos going in at the top. They always do that unfortunately. I highlight them and slot them in where I want them afterwards, although sometimes that means they lose the ability to enlarge. The other option is to do the pics first and then type round them. If there's a better way that anyone knows perhaps they'll tell us!

    Sue x

  2. PS - lovely photos of the drawers! Thanks for posting about them. Forgot to say in the comment above! Sx

  3. Thanks Sue, I always put the pics in first then type between them, but I thought I'd be different on this blog..and have little pics then I lost 3 somewhere? I think I need to do some button sorting. X

  4. wow - i may have to go visit the old dairy - i may go in and never come out!!!


  5. oh you would come out ok, you might not be able to see though cause the pile of fabrics you would be carrying would block your view ;)...