Monday, 1 June 2009

Confession 2

I managed to find some packets of buttons in one of our local charity shops :) and also a lovely tin of buttons on e-bay whoops!  
I seriously needed some button therapy on Saturday..woke up all tearful and v tired, I had actually had a bit of a grumpy week. (Suffering from pmt) Which is not good when working with the general public ;0.
Any way I tried a Bachs remedy which seemed to lift my spirits enough, I decided to sort some of my buttons with Arthur. He really enjoyed sorting the colours.
Then I remembered the two jars of buttons I'd been saving, so we added those to the pile too.
Then we sorted them and searched for the treasure ones (really old ones)
I then washed them and let them dry outside to remove some of the musty smell.
This was the treasure, some Art deco ones some really old metal ones (over a 100 years). The leather one looks very old too I will try and find out where its from.
That cheered me up lots!!  The shop was quite quiet on Sat due to the gorgeous weather so I spent the afternoon sat in the sun sewing and nattering to Kate (also into collecting vintage fabrics, and makes gorgeous pinnies and cushions).  My arms were a little bit pink by the end of the afternoon, stupidly forgot that the sun can burn..doh!

Ended the day a lot happier (family were relieved when they eventually ventured back home ;)


  1. Isn't sorting great therapy? we used to use it in the pre-school I worked in years ago.. kids who were having time out periods..worked great.
    enjoy your day Tamsyn!

  2. Lovely button blog, Tamsyn! It's amazing what some sunshine & buttons can do! Glad you are feeling better, can totally empathise x

  3. Thanks deborah, buttons are very good therapy, Arthur went quiet with concentration for half an hour..that in itself was great :)

    Thanks Tina, think this is going to be my less serious blog! and am also thinking of having a buttonday where i show what other people are making with buttons so look out for a feature! :)

  4. Hi Tamsyn

    So glad you've written another confession! I took all my buttons (well, nowhere near all, but a hefty hoard) to the Vintage and Handmade Fair on Saturday. Am seriously wondering whether to have a button and fabric day at Dairy House during the nice weather. What do you think?

    Sue xx

  5. is that with other exhibitors? Or are you thinking of spreading yours outside as well.. either way a great idea!
    I am doing a stall with the Tavelling Anonymous market at Pyt house gardens on Sat. Not sure how its going to do, but it will get me geared up to do more.
    Did ya sell enough at the vintage and handmade fair to go out and buy more;) x

  6. well you look like you and Arthur had fun!!! see ya tomorrow!


  7. lovely button treasures - my son loves sorting buttons too he has his own little button jar now and always buys a few in the charity shops when i do!

  8. Ohoooo your buttony photographs look a little like mine I have on my blog Post, found a lovely stash of them for £1.00 :)

    Lovely blog