Saturday, 16 May 2009

The give away signs.

I didn't notice at first, it has gradually creeping up on me this need for buttons in my life.  
It probably started about this time last year when i bought some buttons for my shop, and to make things with.  Then I bought some vintage ones, and a tin full of buttons amazing to sort through and that was it..I am smitten.

There are signs that give that let me know how bad its got.

Like buttons turning up in the dinner,  Where I have tried to get rid of the musty smell by washing them in the colander and a few buttons have gone astray later turning up in the mash potato.

Then there's the boys always having buttons stuck to there feet as the buttons work there way to my work space, which is surrounded by button jars of all descriptions, and button tins, and boxes of very special 'treasure buttons'.

Then there is the giveaway signs when I am out shopping.  I look at things not for the kitchen or the house but how they would look with buttons in.  (this is also creeping into my buying for the shop)
I buy clothes from secondhand stores and jumble sales to embellish with buttons, occasionally  I buy clothes just for the buttons.

I spend my weekend searching for old button tins and jars full of button treasure.

I now have button books so that I know a bit more of the history of the buttons I am collecting, I have yet to find one with good photographs in though!

So you see I am in deep!

 I am not looking for a cure, I will just use this blog to write about my button adventures and for button confessions.  Also to show all the lovely things that can be made with buttons (the more i use up the more i can buy..hee..hee)
Do join me with your confessions :)

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