Sunday, 17 May 2009

trying to decide how to get my fix.

The weather is awful so  I have abandoned any hope of going car booting. Instead i have had a nice lie in reading the papers, followed by a bath with real coffee and magazines (for button inspiration.) so quite a blissful start to the day.
I work from home running a shop attatched to the house so by the time the weekend comes round I am desperate to get out.  

I have been trying to work out where to go and hunt button and vintage treasure without getting wet (so not a real addict yet or I would go regardless of the weather ! )

I am also trying to involve a nice I think the Glory Hole in Sturminster Newton, (a mixture of vintage and house clearance bits, you never know what you will find and his prices are very good.   Arthur usually manages to find treasure too, Like firemans helmets. ) followed by lunch at The Farmyard picnic cafe at Childe Okeford where I know a lot of other button and vintage addicts hang out :)

I am also tempted to go to The Dairy House at Semley stocked with the most fantastic vintage fabrics and draws filled with buttons... right thats it I,m off!

I was just trying to links to some of the above places..and i can't believe what came up for glory hole..I think if I was going to use that for a name I would have googled it first?!!!


  1. Hi Tamsyn

    Lovely to see you today and thanks for your button purchases. I need to tell everyone how restrained you were - but I also need to let them know that I think you might just be coming back for more when no-one's looking!!!!

    Just to let you know that the button mountain you saw today is just the tip of the iceberg ... my sitting room floor is awash with boxes and boxes of them, all waiting to be sorted and priced. Such fun ... It won't be long before I have to stand up and be counted, too, and say "My Name is Sue and I'm a Buttonholic ..."

  2. Won't be long??? I'm sorry but you really are already there ;)...and I will definatly be back when know one is looking and Arthur is at nursery, I may have to speak to the bank manager first! ( or not actually she may not understand. ) x