Sunday, 7 February 2010

Button Workshop Feb 5th

Above is the necklace I made yesterday, started during the button workshop and finished in the calm of the afternoon..after all the other buttonholics had left.
The Dorset buttons from the previous workshop became gorgeous necklaces with a little bit of freeform crochet :)
It was great to have an afternoon of finishing things off.
The button workshop was a great success! The buttons started off as above sorted into colours and a couple of dishes of fancy ones (this time I went through and took out my favorites ;)
As soon as everyone sat down they started gathering a stash of buttons each, there was lots of grabbing going on Dy wanted all the green ones, and Lia managed to find a handmade ceramic one I missed he he it was just like school! There is something about searching through the buttons that switches us back into child mode.
It was a really lovely morning as you can see the buttons were soon all over the table as everyone slowly turned them into jewellery and button hearts. My confession this week is that I felt a bit mean keeping out all the best ones so ended up bringing more and more out from the back room as well as more beads for finishing off.
Clariece made these gorgeous hearts and a button charm bracelet.
Debbie made a heart a bracelet and this brooch, I love how these buttons complimented each other and the bead just finishes it off!
Lia managed to incorporate the ceramic button into this lovely necklace.
Julie did a different style button necklace using cord and wooden beads.
Dy managed to use all green button stash to make this necklace and went home wearing it :)

Colette made this necklace at a previous button workshop and made the earrings to go with it this time along with a multicoloured button necklace.
Everyone said it was great fun, and apparently Dy and Julie went off to the Dairy House to show Sue what they'd made and stock up on vintage buttons.
I will be doing demonstrations of how to use up your button stash at The Dairy House Costume and Textile day on the 11th of April...and of course will be adding to my stash ;)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Confession 6 a long time coming!

I have to admit it has been a very long time since my last confession, but I have committed many sins!   I have been extremely busy, we moved house in October..and I think i started packing in July! Slowly sorting through all our stuff and doing lots of clearing, so I did abstain from buying buttons etc for a couple of months ;) My button stash along with the fabrics and beads was moved into the back room of the shop,which is now my workspace..except there is now no room to work lol! It started off very tidy, but gradually..
I have added to it again. Visiting Shepton Mallet Flea Market is very dangerous!
These are just some of my recent finds.
I have added a Vintage market to my website, which means I can collect all the lovely vintage haberdashery and patterns as well as old knitting patterns and needles.  It is going to take me a while to list everything but I am determined this year to really work on the website, and of course the more bit I sell the more I can buy ;)
I have also, been busy running button workshops. With help from two of my knitting friends I ran a Dorset button Workshop, (I was being taught and making tea.) starting off making a traditional Dorset button, then playing with different yarns and adding beads to make them more funky!  Great to add a bit of glam to finished knitwear.
My Button workshops also went really well, everyone ends up leaving with the most amazing necklaces.

Claire only just got away with leaving with the one above, she obviously had a good eye for a button ;) and accumulated a stash of all my favorites..I did try saying it would look nice with some of the plain ones mixed in.. *note to self do remove favorite buttons before sharing* lol
It is amazing the way people see colour, everybody is so different I loved all the necklaces that were made and it does inspire me to get making more :)
Sending out lots of button love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx