Tuesday, 23 June 2009

where have all my buttons gone ?..

I have been using up a little bit of my button stash.  
The bracelets below have buttons sewn onto a very thick glittery yarn in different shades of blue. So I can wear some of my lovely vintage buttons :)  These sell really well and I will putting some of these on Etsy and Folksy this week.
I also make lots of mobile phone socks, which are great for using some of the larger buttons.
I love this button Necklace made with a 1960's (I think) perspex button. I only bought 6 of them and really wish I had got more.
I use buttons with the felt flowers a lot, I really like to find contrasting colours and add beads in to the middle.
These little heart brooches use quite a lot of buttons and i have used some of my favorite vintage ones on these.

I have these little hearts for sale in my shop and my aim is to make kits up, with the brooch backs and a little bag of vintage buttons..it will be good fun sorting the buttons to go in the bags.
I do have a whole lot of buttons that are in a secret stash, that i know are very old and should not be used on crafts. mmmm think I need to have a little look at them and remind myself which ones they are.
Last week i was very lucky to get 3 gifts of buttons a little bag from a customer,  a gorgeous vintage tin full of buttons from Laure aka (Deja vu on ravelry) and a little box kate found on her travels. So  I have plenty of button therapy lined up for when I need it :) Thankyou so much girls :)


  1. Yes . I often feel the need to check on button supplies . Nothing like a gloat to cheer one up !

  2. whoops didn't mean to gloat:) I do like putting them away and then rediscovering them at a later date.., sad I know ;0

  3. Hi Tamsyn, ooh another button-aholic although I must say you are WAY worse than me!!! Your blog is everything a button lover would want. I am envious of all the buttons you found at the car boot and that box with all those goodies in!! I am going over to etsy now to have a look at your work. Jane xx

  4. nice to meet you jane, i will add you to the buttonholics list! :)